Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 08-3: Teacher Resources Online

Make exercises online

-Tools for educators:
-Easy Test Maker (paper tests):
-Crossword Puzzle Game:
-Web Poster Wizard:
-SMILE- a variety of web-based activity generators (free registration)


-Provide a speech-based toolbox
-Used as a space for student audio and video recordings: Voicethread, Wetoku
-Used as a course website (other web-based resources): CLEAR
-Used as a space for audio-video cultural exchanges or collaborations
-Needs: a browser, Flash Player, a headset with a microphone, a decent Internet connection

-ANVILL (National Virtual Language Lab):

-ANVILL Background Readings:

3) A Comparison of Online Tools for Audio and Video Recording A Search for Free and Affordable Voice Recording to Replace Wimba Voice:

1) From Aerogram to Voicemail: Connecting Learners for Cross Cultural Understanding (ATJO Newsletter):
2) Transforming Language Education Across the Internet:

1 comment:

  1. Hi!
    Thanks a lot for so useful links and resourses.
    Although the first part of this week we were so busy with finishing draft of our projects, we tried to find time to read and enlarge knowledge from Robert’s readings. No doubt all materials definitely are well organized and structured and easy to explore in depth. I can’t tear myself away from clicking and submerging from one site to another or being involved in PDF readings. I really realize this week “the more we learn, the less we know”.
    Some of your mentioned above Teacher Resources Online I also use and imply in creating website.
    As a result I have created learning website for my group of students on Google +.
    From my point of view website gives a splendid opportunity for students to practice English online, communicate with each other, revise knowledge, enlarge vocabulary and enrich writing skills. To conclude it’s time consuming both for a teacher and students.
    Then I add webquest for writing and survey.
    Welcome for your comments
    Best regards to everybody
    Roza Zhussupova, Astana, Kazakhstan