Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 08-2: Teacher Resources Online

Create a class site or make online exercises

a) What tool you used (please list the website) and what you created?
After reading PDF instruction on the webpage, I created a class survey using
Google docs. The topic is ‘My favorites’ categorizing colors, sports, and subjects. This is for 6th graders of elementary school in EFL situation. Originally, the owner (teacher) sends his/her link to the students by email and each student can do a survey by clicking on their emails. However, this is a kind of trial and I didn’t send an email to my students. Instead, I’ve shared with anyone who has the link to see my work.

Here is my document’s page on Google docs:

b) How you will use it in your teaching?
I would like to use Google docs as a tool of JiTT (Just in Time Teaching) or homework. Especially, Google docs can be used for class survey and writing. Before the class, I send some survey questions to my students by email, and they reply by email and see the results. According to the class situation, I also can collect students’ opinions and their needs using various questions. In cases of writing, students can submit their homework be email or typing directly on the sheets.

c) The type of students who would use it?
According to the students’ language level and computer proficiency, the forms of Google docs can be varied.

d) How you will encourage learner autonomy with this tool?
Participating in survey or writing on the computer, the students can be motivated because they used to write on the paper textbook before, but it is new and interactive to them. They can see the results with their own eyes and also get feedback from their teachers’ comments. The students can reorganize those shared contents with each other.

-Google docs

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