Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week 10: Wrap-up

I would like to remind what I’ve learned from the course reviewing the topics of each week.
Week 01: Introductions and orientation to the course; creating an academic blog, discussing ground rules and rubrics
Week 02: The ABCD learning objectives framework and effective web searches; choose the best searches for your information need
Week 03: Oral/Aural skill-building websites and bookmarks with Delicious
Week 04: Reading/Writing websites and technology-enhanced lesson plans
Week 05: Project-based learning, WebQuests, and rubrics
Week 06: Student-centered large classes and interactive PowerPoint
Week 07: Learner autonomy and the one-computer classroom
Week 08: Teacher resources online
Week 09: Leaning styles: technology connections
Week 10: Course review and wrap-up

The list below is what I did and advice for future participants. In fact, I think what I did through this course must be core and useful tips for every online and offline training course.
1. Look whole contents all around and grasp the flow of the course. It makes you predict what you will do and prepare it.
2. Keep in mind ground rules and rubrics. They will tell how you can make it.
3. Make a plan for your tasks. The course is usually consists of three parts:
Two posts on Nicenet, one or two tasks, reflection (blogging), plus, final project writing by week 9. Especially, to keep up with two postings per week, planning is important.
4. For review and future use, make a folder of each week and save useful articles.
5. Manage your favorites saving useful websites. (Use ‘Delicious’.)
6. Access a provided ‘Blog Roll’ and visit your course-mates. You can see lots of ideas and insightful reflections.

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